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Freshness That Delights, Taste That You Love

In the 15th-century middle-east, people enjoyed eating a wholesome dish of spiced rice with a mutton mixture. It was easy to carry for those on the move, which is how it came to India with the Mughals as “Birian”. And the royal kitchens of the Mughals shaped this into the mutton biryani we love today.

This is where Kalifh enters with its mutton biryanis, which are not refrigerated or adulterated and completely fresh. We believe biryanis should be filled with flavours that aren’t just good for the tastebuds, but for the overall body.

Healthiest Biryanis, Cooked And Delivered

At Kalifh, Our commitment is to deliver biryanis with a hallmark of freshness.

During the entire cooking process, our chefs follow all safety and hygiene protocols. Heat sustainable containers packed in eco-friendly disposable sugarcane bagasse are used to keep the biryani warm until they’re delivered. We are deeply involved in active social causes, hence most of our raw materials are sourced directly, giving sustainable livelihoods to everyone associated with us.

It’s time now to order the tastiest and freshest mutton biryani from Kalifh. We’re waiting for you to make a healthy choice.

Hey, Our Biryani Enthusiast,
What does a mutton biryani bring to your mind?

The aroma, those delicately spiced mutton pieces, raitha, and, of course, the brinjal chutney! We bring these with a rich traditional taste without compromising on freshness. That’s what makes Kalifh’s mutton biryani unique. At Kalifh, we don’t believe in taking a shot at your health just to cut down on our work. Look at our preparation and packaging videos to see how we prepare and deliver fresh, lip-smackingly tasty, mutton biryanis right to your home. Time to find if we stand true to our promises? For the weekend binges, give us a pre-order here and relax. Our chefs will prepare and delivery partners will get the biryani to you across Chennai with utmost care and hygiene.

Kalifh Degh Biriyani

Serves 6-8

  • 91 KG Basmati Rice
  • 91.5 KG Cleaned Fresh Mutton (20 Pieces)
  • 9Brinjal Chutney (300 ML)
  • 9Raitha (300 ML)
  • 9Muzaffar (300 ML)

INR. 6,400

Free Delivery

Kalifh Degh Biriyani

Serves 2

  • 9Basmati Rice
  • 9300 GMS Cleaned Fresh Mutton (4 Pieces)
  • 9Brinjal Chutney (100 ML)
  • 9Raitha (100 ML)
  • 9Muzaffar (100 ML)

INR. 6,400

Free Delivery

Order 10kg or more and get your exclusive Degh!


Biryani is love.


Come, give us an opportunity to do that, and for your hospitality.

Join us for our ‘Daawat-e-khaas’ events and enjoy the tastiest mutton biryanis cooked and served in the healthiest manner. Apart from the biryanis, you’ll find so much more here. Plus, an unparalleled vibe with a memorable experience. 

You can’t miss out on this even in your dreams! Register here for the next event, and let’s celebrate our admiration for biryanis together.